John Whipple

John Whipple | Photographer

Photograph by Micah Ness

Photograph by Micah Ness

As a photographer, John Whipple began his professional career doing commercial shoots for outdoor equipment brands, and as his love for photography grew, he expanded to include fine art prints, portraiture, and events. John has experience in front of the camera as well, having worked as a model and television actor, a perspective which enables him to guide his clients to look their very best for the camera. With 12 years experience as a mental health professional, John has real heart for people, and as a photographer his goal is to show them how unique and beautiful they truly are. In his spare time John can usually be found out enjoying Alaska’s wilderness (but he will still probably have a camera with him).

Clients and Publications

Vortex Optics, Kimber Firearms, Gemtech Silencers, Heather's Choice, Barney's Sport Chalet, Hunt Alaska Magazine, Fair Chase.

email:  john@49mmcreative.com